The little prince

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Grown-ups never understand anything by themselves
and it is rather tedious for children to have to explain things to then
time and again - page 11
I have three special things in my life that remind me to this very special book.
This is the second time I read 'The little prince' the first time i can't remember when.
that time I'm kind of anti-famous stuff  and 'The little Prince' is one of those too...
But one day I read ตู้ไปรษณีย์สีแดง accidentally
(well, it's inspiration of popular romantic movie but I'll not talking about that)
In that book says something about The little prince... The fox chapter...
That makes me promise to myself 'I have to read that famous book'
The first time I read, The little prince is the little prince...
that's all He's just little prince who go here and there see something weird,
judge other grown-ups he called and always do something stubborn
like never answer to the question and never stop asking unless he gets the answer.
and that's all
The second time something reminded me to 'The little prince'
  is when I studied about concept and space
( that's an architectural course and I will not talk about that this time as well)
and again,the fox chapter, I think it's touch everyone's heart too,
your tame, our space,all depends on time...
 Yes, that little price's taming me little by little...
The third one is when someone reminded it to that he finished that special book (again)
(I'll not talking about him now for sure)And I think it's time I should read it again...
for all readers we know every time we read book,
that book would different from the previous time we read,especially the love story,
and the little prince truly is.
Antoine de saint-exupery understands all human-being base development...and he's very great memories about kids... i guess not...
He's just... Little prince.
Little prince, in my opinion, is not kid (or maybe he's but very special one)
he's just a naive boy. He's just curious man. He's just always-learned human being.
But He's a good teacher of not naive boy, not curious man, and not always-learned human being, too.and Antoine is very good on letting Little Prince does his job to all readers.
Yes, he tamed Little Prince like little prince tamed his rose
In 'The little Prince' it's a question book about life that you have to answer. It draws your vision wider and wide enough to see yourself in your eye's side; the genuine you.
'Then you shall judge yourself' answered the king.
'That is the most difficult thing of all.
It's far more difficult to judge oneself than to judge others.
If you succeed in judging yourself rightly,then indeed you are very wise.'- page 46
I, myself, see 'The Little Prince' as a use-time-after book. You can not just turn the book until the back page and put it in the bookshelf and say you finished it already. It takes whole of your life to finish this all story, or at least, you have to spend little time thinking what exactly you got from this special book and foremost what will you do with it?
When you know, in our world,
there're many kings,
and lamplighters.
Which one you choose to be?
and which one you choose not to be?
which time you choose to be? and which time you will not?
But the eyes are blind, one must look with the heart- page 93
 I always believe that every thing is unique, only one, in the world (and space)
and every unique one has his own flower, little naive rose with four thorns,
to be responsible for in his own life.
and also every single moment he's with or without his rose,
he still can look up to the sky,see the stars in the night.
With rose, he will delightful and enjoy the moment.
Without rose, he will know he's in the most beautiful and saddest landscape in the world.
and that time, i hope, he'll close his eyes and be realized ...
Before the end,
I have to say thank you for the book I adore,
the course I like and the man I love
well,I'm quite excited.
To tell the truth, I'm waiting for the next special whatever in the world
to remind me to this very special book
that make me see how special I am
in this world
to be tamed through the time

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Wow , That's a very good writing.

The last time I think about the Little Prince , I think the world in the present day is different from the previous. It's complicated , hard to live , people are complex , multi emotional , you can't explain people by one word like people in the little prince but meeting people like kings,
geographers, businessmen, drunkards and lamplighters better than people in the real world because you know him but in the real world you never know what type of him/her. and you'll find they'll change all the times.

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Ahhhhh....the little prince told you that "don't say No if you have not yet tried,huh?"

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