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posted on 02 May 2011 11:17 by thatthebee in rabbit
เปิดเพลง The Moon- The Swell Season ไป อ่านบล๊อกไป เพื่ออรรถรสค่ะ :)
I'm seeing pale yellow in the circle.
It's so beautiful.
I'm thinking in my mind, keep thinking again and again.
it's that thing or there's just a big hole in the black plane...
Oh, well, pale yellow circle.
You're so beautiful.
Are you just pale yellow circle
or you are more than this...?
Beautiful. You're beautiful pale yellow circle 
I'll never leave my eyes from you :)
My beautiful pale yellow circle,
Somebody told me you're called 'the moon'
why is this name?
It's so hillalious.
Like you are far.

The moon, somebody also told me you're not a circle.
You're sphere.
Is that true?
And you're turn around in the same speed as the world I'm in now
I'm confused
I never feel I turn around anywhere
and I never see you turn anywhere.
I always see my princess there, another rabbit.
Yes, she's my princess.
And I just sit here. see you warmly shine at me.
at only me.
But somebody knows your secrets.
lots of secrets more than I ever know about you.
Do you lie to me the moon? 
I'm sad.
The moon, are you actually not pale yellow circle? or beautiful?
You're just red soil and dry.
You're a liar. Big liar.
I think you're beautiful.
And you never even have a light.
That's from something people called the sun.
 I hate him.
And you're beautiful because of him.
Why you're beautiful because of something I hate?
Oh, I forgot you're not beautiful, big liar.
The moon,well, Earth's natural satellite.
you're ...Uhmmm
I never know you're far.
(And that somebody are right, you're really far.)
But don't worry.
You don't have another rabbit like I thought anyway.
Being at your planet does not even exists.
The Rabbit I see is just a broken land,right?
She's not my princess.
there's not even exists.
Good bye.

Wide-awake rabbit.

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#6 By ลิงแว่น on 2011-05-03 14:38

I'm just pale yellow circle.
You lost me if you look into others.

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#5 By 40reborn on 2011-05-03 14:19

I'm just a little rabbit, but you are the moon.
so far but I don't care!

climb climb climb, I'll reach you soon..

..someday open-mounthed smile

#4 By iDoi* on 2011-05-03 03:28

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อืม.. แม้จะแปลไม่ค่อยออก..

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แย่เลยเรา 555^^big smile big smile big smile